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Megaworld: Empowering a remote workforce in the "New Reality" with Amazon WorkSpaces

Megaworld Corporation, the Philippines’ largest developer of integrated urban townships, has transformed its business operations to efficiently and swiftly respond to the various challenges posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In its continued pursuit of business and industry excellence during these extraordinary times, Megaworld ensured the creation of an efficient digital workplace for its work-from-home teams to continue servicing the needs of its customers and stakeholders. Together with Kollab, an AWS Consulting Partner, Megaworld implemented specialized solutions from Amazon Web Services.

With Amazon WorkSpaces, hundreds of employees were able to continue working outside the corporate network and perform their respective functions with military-grade security and data protection controls. WorkSpaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop solution that makes it easy for teams to maintain high levels of productivity on any device.

By embracing technology and innovation, Megaworld successfully observed the following benefits in making Amazon WorkSpaces its primary virtual desktop solution:

  • Significant reduction in the risk of exposure for the company’s employees during the ongoing global health crisis;

  • Enhanced business continuity capability through the use of secure remote productivity tools; and

  • Increased resiliency of business operations during enforced local community quarantine measures.

About Megaworld Corporation

Founded in 1989 by its founder and chairman Dr. Andrew L. Tan, Megaworld Corporation is known as the Philippines’ leading township developer and office landlord, and the trendsetter in the Lifestyle Malls business. It pioneered the “Live, Work, Play” concept that integrates residential, office and commercial components within the lifestyle communities it develops. To date, Megaworld has 26 townships and integrated lifestyle communities spanning almost 5,000 hectares of land all over the Philippines.

About Kollab

Kollab is a premier digital transformation advisor for over 650 companies across Southeast Asia. They deliver industry-leading solutions for enterprise collaboration, infra + app modernization, hybrid cloud security, and cloud development for the largest enterprise customers in the region. Kollab is a highly specialized AWS consulting partner focused on achieving cloud success.


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