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Primer Group: Transforming Workflow Processes Through the Efficiency of G Suite

Primer Group improves communication and increases efficiency with better workflow processes by migrating its entire workforce to G Suite.

"There was once, our servers were down for a week. With G Suite, we no longer face this problem and will always be able to access our emails."

Eric Sarmiento, Senior Vice President, Primer Resources Corp., Primer Group of Companies

Watch their success story:

About Primer Group

Primer Group is a consumer goods distributor with around 150 brands under its belt. Founded in 1985, The Filipino company has a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It recently ventured into the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business and aims to be the leader in global distribution of goods.

About Kollab

Kollab is a premier digital transformation advisor for over 650 companies across Southeast Asia. They deliver industry-leading solutions for enterprise collaboration, infra + app modernization, hybrid cloud security, and cloud development for the largest enterprise customers in the region. Kollab is the first Google Cloud / Google Workspace (G Suite) Premier Partner in the Philippines.

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Claire Losterbien
Claire Losterbien
18 juin

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James Brown
21 sept. 2022

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