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Kollab is a leading cloud-first consulting partner across Southeast Asia


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Keeping your workloads optimized in the cloud

Day 2: Cloud Optimize

Kollab delivers an end-to-end cloud success methodology through platform-certified professional services. We provide Day 2 services for customers that are already running production workloads in the cloud. Cloud Optimize is availed by large-scale cloud customers that require services around continuous optimization. This highly specialized practice includes a top-down audit against cloud best practices and introduces a cost awareness mentality to: (1) run only the services that are needed; (2) reduce and right-size underutilized services to what's adequate; and (3) reuse and rationalize common services to eliminate unnecessary costs.


Our Cloud Optimize services also recommends long-term commitment options for core applications that are intended to run uninterrupted for more than a year to drive costs down. Depending on the requirements of customers, Kollab also provides direct intervention following a cloud optimization audit. This includes executing the optimization recommendations for and in behalf of the customer, and performing continuing audit and intervention services on a retainer agreement.

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Strong enterprise cloud experience and competency

With more than 650 customers across Southeast Asia, Kollab is at the forefront of driving true digital transformation journeys through cloud-first solutions and services. Our enterprise cloud competency is spread across two leading global cloud service providers, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Leading organizations across banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and public sector have achieved cloud success with our cloud acceleration practice. Combined, our professional services teams has received more than 180 technical certifications and credentials between AWS and Google Cloud.

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